Working for a safer, healthier and eco-friendly world

Great news! We cannot wait to re-open our factory on the 4th of July. We want to say a massive THANK YOU for your orders during this time. We will schedule the production and delivery of these as soon as possible. We could not have done it without your support.

Also we are conscious that our world has changed and that the new reality is that only products that are “safe, healthy, and environmentally friendly” will comply with the needs and expectations of the customers.

That is why with Shelton’s Coffee Hearts we are compromised to offer a “safer” product - individually packed-, and “sustainable and eco-friendly” option, in a way which promotes less waste and a significant reduction in energy consumption as only hot water is required for its preparation, all of this without compromising its higher quality of Single Origin Arabica Colombian coffee beans that you can enjoy wherever you are.