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Coffee Lover Gift/Hamper


Enjoy our finest selection of 100% Single Origin Arabica Colombian Coffee.

This Gift/Hamper contains:

  • 2 boxes of Shelton’s Traditional Coffee, choose between Beans or Ground, Dark or Medium roasted.
  • 1 Shelton’s Cappuccino cup 220ml,
  • and 1 box of Shelton’s Coffee Hearts, choose your favourite flavour!


Note: Please specify which flavour Coffee Hearts and choice of Shelton’s Traditional Coffee (Beans or Ground, Dark or Medium) during checkout.

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Choose from our 100% single origin, Colombian coffee selection.

Espresso Intense, Dark Roast

Comes from the region of Tunía-Cauca, southwest Colombia, where the soil is formed from volcanic ash resulting in a naturally high content of organic material giving the coffee unique characteristics. This variety grown next to a nature reserve where it is protected by 3 hectares of forest and benefits from natural mountain water and great biodiversity.

This highly flavoursome dark roasted coffee delivers a clean chocolate-like sweetness with medium acidity and a rich creamy body. It is a balanced coffee that gives a truly pleasant and lasting after-taste.

Smooth Colombian, Medium Roast

Roast of 100% Colombian beans of the carefully selected Excelso type. Our Smooth Colombian Coffee is roast and packs in small batches to guarantee the freshness, aroma and flavour that distinguishes the best Colombian Coffee. This is an exclusive selection that comes from the Risaralda region in Colombia, the soil here is formed from volcanic ash resulting in a naturally high content of organic material giving the coffee unique characteristics. This is world class Colombian coffee at its finest!

A delightful medium roasted coffee that delivers a clean and sweet floral taste with hints of Jasmine. It has a delicate fruity acidity with a silky body. A harmonious balance with a pronounced after-taste.

Shelton’s Coffee Hearts

In this selection your will find the highest quality, 100% single origin freeze dried coffee from Colombia. Our artisan coffee is never blended, and showcases the true flavours of Colombia’s finest coffee growing region.

Each coffee heart is foil sealed for freshness, simply add hot water and see the heart dissolve, stir and enjoy gourmet coffee in an instant.

Choose from our delicious flavours: Classic Colombian, Amaretto, Mocha, Irish Cream, Vanilla and Cappuccino. Or try an Assorted box to sample them all!

This product does not contain alcohol.

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Coffee Lover Hamper